More Inexpensive WOW gifts that people will remember you for long after the gift giving experience

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As the holiday season is almost upon us, we decided we would put together a collection of fun and affordable gifts that have the ‘WOW’ factor but won’t leave you feeling the pinch. This article is number two in our series, if you haven’t already, we recommend starting with part one. You can find it here: Personal gift giving over the holidays Part One. If you have already taken a look at our first WOW gifts that keep on giving, let’s dive into our next batch of holiday gift suggestions… #5 Cookbooks Perfect for: The Foodie, The One Who Can’t Cook or those Who thinks they can, but could use a few tips…LOL! Everyone has a love of food, whether their love is in the preparation or in the eating, it has the power to bring families and communities together,...

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Daily WOW 12-18-2014

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