DSC_0488Paula Weisflock is the Owner and Chief Positivity Officer (CPO) for the Wealth of WOW, a business that is focused on inspiration, positivity and all things WOW!  Her mission is to make a positive difference in your life, one WOW at a time!  She accomplishes this through the sharing of amazing photos, awesome videos and inspirational messages that speak to your heart or soul, creating a moment of illumination, a smile or even a deep belly laugh!  Some of these messages even have a small educational component to them, the educator in her shining through.  Cumulatively, and in a transformational fashion these daily wows increase a person’s overall level of happiness by boosting their level of positive energy.  Others are also encouraged to submit their WOWs to the website as well, giving everyone a forum to share their WOWs!

Paula is a college professor and holds a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Central Michigan where she specialized in adult learning.  With an interest in positive psychology, Paula`s goal is to improve people’s lives through increasing their level of positivity….why.…because this is simply what Positive Paula is intended to do!

She is currently working on her first book, an inspirational book for women designed to help them dust off  and reshape their values statements to live their most authentic life possible.

Amazon and Audible audio book sales are promoted through the site as this helps with business expenses with no product to sell yet, but so much to share!


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