Inexpensive WOW Gifts People Will Remember You By

Inexpensive WOW Gifts People Will Remember You By

What’s not to love about the holiday season? Beautiful festive ornaments decorate our homes, spending time with our loved ones, extravagant food and let’s face it, the gifts.

Personal gift giving over the holidays has become a time-honored tradition and whether we are young or young at heart; we all love the feelings that accompany giving and receiving a gift.  However the art of gift giving is not something that comes naturally to everyone, we all want to give gifts that have the WOW factor and that keep on giving, however we find ourselves faced with an abundance of questions… Who should I buy for? What should I get them? How much should I spend on a gift? What can I afford?

Many of us will have a number of people in our lives that we would like to give a gift at Christmas, so we find ourselves looking for simple gifts that are inexpensive but also have meaning. To help you get started, I have put together a collection of fun and affordable gift suggestions for the holidays that are sure to WOW your gift recipients.

#1a Traditional Scrapbook 12-by-12-Inch Embroidered Black Leatherette Scrapbook with the words Live, Laugh, Love on the front cover.   $20.63

Perfect for: Creative Types, Teenagers, Brides to be, Moms to be

Scrapbooks are a great gift for almost anyone, they are neither difficult nor time consuming to put together, so even little hands can get involved, they allow us to capture memories or creative thoughts that otherwise may have been forgotten and are something that people keep forever.

The wonderful thing about scrapbooks is that even when you have finished putting them together, you can come back in years to come and relive the fond memories inside. They truly are the gift that is sure to WOW, can be shared by all and will keep on giving.

#1b Create a Digital Photo Book Choose the Photo Book option….starting at $12.99

Perfect for: Anyone

Photo books are the new way to cherish memories. Wedding memories, birth memories, childhood memories, engagement memories…whatever the occasion or a celebration of life, photo books are memorable and affordable. Shutterfly won the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for the Best Website for photobooks. The best news they start at only 12.99. Check this WOW factor option out as the absolute most cherished gift for your loved ones.

#2 WOW Picture Frame Christmas Gifts Hand Carved Pine Wood Photo Picture Frame (11 Inches) with Heart Cut-outs Beautiful Home Décor $19.99

Perfect for: Anyone you love

With the wonders of modern technology, most of us now have a camera on our phone allowing us to capture our lives in pictures everywhere we go. Often however we find ourselves snapping away but the photographs never leave our phones.

The gift of a picture frame with a special photo in it will give your loved ones the chance to share those memories with others every day.

#3a Journal Butterflies Journal (Notebook, Diary) $8.99

Perfect for: Teenagers, Friends, Hostess gift

Journals are a fantastic way for us to make sense of our emotions, understand our goals and even record precious memories and experiences.

Journaling provides a wonderful outlet for teenagers, with uncertain futures ahead of them, hormones surging and challenges faced in everyday life, it can often be difficult for teens to express themselves and talk to others. By giving the gift of a journal, you are giving them the means to make sense of some of these things and perhaps encourage them to open up a little more.

By giving the gift of a journal you allow people to reflect on their pasts, document their goals, and relive long forgotten memories; a gift they will truly treasure.

#3b Journal Tree Of Life Pendant on a Handmade Brown Leather Journal $27.99 plus free shipping

Perfect for: A definite WOW gift for that creative someone on your list.

#4a Kati Cup Cherry Blossom, 1 tea maker $17.00

Chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2011 by Dr. Oz!

#4b Jasmine Green Tea  Tea Forte Loose Leaf Tea Canister – Jasmine Green $15.00

Perfect for: In-laws, Holiday hostesses, Friends & Tea Lovers

The gift of a Kati cup with a 50 cup container of Jasmine Green tea is an elegant and healthful gift for the tea lover on your list. As the darker nights draw in and the weather gets colder, for many of us there will be nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea while we catch up on our reading, making it a gift your friends, family and any tea lover will be sure to love.

So there we have it, a number of gifts that will certainly be well received, have a touch of the WOW factor, keep on giving and don’t break the bank!

With the holiday season fast approaching and people already planning their shopping, we decided to make this article one in a series of fun and affordable gift suggestions that you can order online and save yourself the hustle and bustle of traveling, parking and crowds. If you are looking for gift inspiration for friends, families or even the dreaded secret Santa, sign up to join the WOW community to receive our current blogs on all things WOW.

As affiliate marketing is one of the ways I earn income to support my writing and researching to bring you WOW products and in the spirit of full disclosure, you should know I will receive a small commission if you purchase products using my links.

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