Inspiring Women to Take Action!

Inspiring Women to Take Action!

Follow My Lead: I am Embracing my Own Midlife Transformation and Invite You to Become an Active Participant in this Journey! Now is the time to take control of your life!

In this blog, I plan to lay out my entrepreneurial goals and introduce some of my business development plans with several goals in mind. The first is related to my goal in providing you with an inspirational story that will spur you in reaching one of your own goals that may be lying dormant. Secondly, I am granting you permission, to hold me accountable for attaining these goals by following my progress and ensuring I am delivering what I say I will deliver!

In exchange, if you share your goals with me, I too will hold you accountable through encouragement and support! Good deal?…I think so, as it’s a win win!

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Paula Weisflock and I am a mom of three grown sons, a wife of 32 years and recently, a brand new grandmother. My 23 year business career has been in health care administration and I have had business leadership roles in hospitals as well as educational leadership roles. I currently hold a national position related to promoting educational excellence in colleges and universities across Canada. My passions are supporting women in their personal development and creating useful learning tools that help them move forward. I also have an extrepreneurial spirit and am building a global internet based business that supports these passions and supports my core values.

As you can see from these demographics, I am no spring chicken! I am a midlife woman who realized a few short years ago that I had to nourish this feeling inside that I had something big to share with the world. I was ready to create a life where my gifts, passions, values and vision were all perfectly aligned – but wasn’t sure what that looked like. I started doing a lot of soul-searching. I read books, listened to audio resources, and enrolled in business training coaching programs. I  was on a mission, and had to find some answers as to how I would live my life’s purpose, while making a difference in the lives of others. The time had come for me to embrace change and to feed the inner fire I had to make a positive difference in peoples lives.

I do this by inspiring women to find the courage to take action on their own goals and desires that have been lying dormant or slowly percolating. There is a saying “ideas without action are simply dreams.” I invite you to follow my leadership and bring those ideas into action to make your dreams a reality!

Re-assessing Your Core Values and Setting Goals

How did I get started? First, I completed a reassessment of my values and determined which ones had evolved into something different and which ones were still core to me as a midlife woman. Your core values are the paramount beliefs you consider near and dear to who you are; your uppermost priorities; and the ultimate forces that drive your actions. Lifelong learning has always been an important core value to me and as a woman in midlife I set a goal of continuing my education. I completed both my undergraduate degree in health administration and a graduate degree in adult education. I completed these degrees back to back while working full time as a college professor both around the age of 50.

Another of my core values is prosperity. By prosperity I mean success and well-being. In order to support this core value and the reason it was important to me, I knew I needed to start building a following to support my business goals. You simply cannot help people if they do not know about you and your desire to do this! My legacy is to support women in being all that they can be. I plan to help each person who is looking for support to “Live bold and shine brightly.”

Because I am a positive person and appreciate the benefits of the WOW factor, I started a Facebook page that would focus on cultivating these WOWs and share them with others. In just over 2 years 5500 women have joined to follow my posts. The posts are designed to make people smile, inspire them, educate them, motivate them and always be positive in nature. I love the positive interaction with my readers of these posts.

I am also writing a book for women. So far I have attended two Hay House book writing conferences and my goal is to be a Hay House author in the future. My book is for women and is about women and provides them with a guide and tools to move them forward towards achieving their true purpose. It has a working title of “Transforming Venus: A Toolkit and Guide for Stuck Goddesses”

So as you have probably surmised, I am a goal focused individual. You may be wondering what is propelling me in this desire to be a successful entrepreneur? You may also be wondering what I would consider “successful?” Does that mean: well known; well off financially; or someone who has made a positive impact in the lives of many by helping them gain the success they desired? The answer is “all of the above.” All three of these component parts are necessary for me to create my legacy and leave my footprint on this world.

So as you can see, I am not just talking about my ideas, I am taking action and bringing my dreams to fruition. I know you too have ideas, goals, and prosperity dreams.

Again, I invite you to follow my leadership to bring your own ideas into action, thereby making your dreams a reality.   Contact me at


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