Meeting the Woz-Co Founder of Apple

Meeting the Woz-Co Founder of Apple

On May 5th, 2012 I experienced a WOW opportunity. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc. and the technological brains behind the company’s success as he invented the Apple I and the Apple II. He said his first invention was a device that could make three free phone calls to anywhere in the world and his first app was a visual spreadsheet program.

He talked about meeting Steve Jobs in high school and becoming friends when Jobs took a summer job working at Hewlett Packard where Steve Wozniak already worked. He said he loved working there.

He told the story of building the first prototypes in Jobs’ bedroom and garage, stating his own apartment was filled with monitors, electronic devices, and some computer games he had developed.

He talked about starting university and then one year after enrolling, withdrawing to develop the computer that eventually made him famous. He solely designed the hardware, circuit board designs, and operating system for the Apple I which was priced at $666.66.

He laughingly told the story of eventually getting his degree from Berkley and stating his degree is in the name Rocky Raccoon Clark, a combination of his wife’s maiden name and his dog’s name.

In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak formed Apple Computer and he quit his job at Hewlett-Packard and became the vice president in charge of research and development at Apple.

He credited Mike Markkula, their business startup funder and mentor for providing direction at Apple by assigning him the engineering role and Jobs the marketing role. Markkula became the third partner in Apple Inc. It seems his investment and partnership in the company was a very wise move as the success of Apple in unprecedented.

Meeting Steve Wozniak was a wonderful WOW experience for sure!

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