More Inexpensive WOW gifts that people will remember you for long after the gift giving experience

More Inexpensive WOW gifts that people will remember you for long after the gift giving experience

As the holiday season is almost upon us, we decided we would put together a collection of fun and affordable gifts that have the ‘WOW’ factor but won’t leave you feeling the pinch.

This article is number two in our series, if you haven’t already, we recommend starting with part one. You can find it here: Personal gift giving over the holidays Part One.

If you have already taken a look at our first WOW gifts that keep on giving, let’s dive into our next batch of holiday gift suggestions…

#5 Cookbooks

Perfect for: The Foodie, The One Who Can’t Cook or those Who thinks they can, but could use a few tips…LOL!

Everyone has a love of food, whether their love is in the preparation or in the eating, it has the power to bring families and communities together, cheer us up when we feel a little under the weather (cookie dough ice cream anyone?) and create memories that we are sure to cherish.

Cookbooks make wonderful gifts, whether you are an avid foodie, self-taught chef or even the kind of person who has trouble boiling water, there is a cookbook out there for almost everyone.

For the more technically skilled cooks, we recommend the gift of one of the more complex cookbooks. Choose one filled with dishes they can really get their teeth into (no pun intended)… We’re confident they will sit for hours contemplating which exotic or intricate dish they can whip up first and invite you to dinner for….ummm! The gift that keeps on giving…LOL!

For the less experienced, why not start them off with an introduction to cooking book, once they get a taste for it (I promise, these puns aren’t intentional)…LOL, they’ll be itching to WOW you with their new culinary skills and again you are the recipient of greatness or perhaps a guinea pig of a trial and tribulation moment! Either way, you are supporting a budding Chef de Jour in the making….

#6 Scented Candles

Perfect for: The House Proud and Those with a Scent for the Opulent!

Scented candles make the perfect gift for anyone who is house proud… you know the type; you feel you have to remove your shoes before you enter their homes, you ask for a coaster and note how they have put a lot of emphasis on tying the room together. You love their efforts and want to support them!

What’s not to love about scented candles? They are aesthetically pleasing, fill your home with scents that delight the senses and even can take you to far off lands with their exotic aromas. They really do a very good job at tying a room together and that is the gift you want to give them!

#7 Pet Grooming Tools

Perfect for: The Animal Lover

For those of you who do not have pets this may sound like an odd gift to give, however as an animal lover myself let me tell you, it is one that I would personally be very pleased to receive.

Pet owners have strong attachments to their animals often considering them to be part of the family; and it becomes very important to ensure their animals are well cared for, perfectly groomed and shown affection.

By giving the gift of a Pet Grooming Tool, you are giving them the opportunity to spend a little extra time with their beloved pet, something we are sure they will thank you for.

#8 Travel Books / Guides

Perfect for: The Explorer, Students, Teenagers

Books aren’t dead. You know the old fashioned ones that you can actually hold in your hands and physically flip through the pages. This is especially true when it comes to travel books; any seasoned traveller will tell you, there is nothing worse than trying to find a place to plug in your tablet or an eReader when you are trekking along the Great Wall of China or camping in the Australian Outback.

Travel books are a fantastic gift for anyone, whether they are a home bird who hasn’t yet built up the confidence to venture off into the world or those who are about to embark on their bucket list trips, those venturing on a life time adventure around the world, or even a veteran traveller who has been pondering their next big adventure. Travel adventure pose a host of WOWs….read on!

This concludes Part two of our fun and affordable gifts that have a ‘WOW’ factor, upcoming in this series we will take a look at some more gift ideas for friends and family and dive head first into some business gift ideas that will WOW your colleagues.

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