WOWs in Nature-Clouds

WOWs in Nature-Clouds

Nature is one of the Wealth of WOW categories and I have located several WOW cloud formations and taken pictures of a few of my own in order to share these nature WOWs with you.

The talk of clouds brings back memories from several eras of my life. As a child and during long car trips my siblings and I would look up in the sky and see what we could see in the clouds. Then we would try to talk each other into envisioning what we saw…describing in great detail the tail and the head and the eyes, yes they were lopsided, but yes there were two of them. Often it was a stretch to say the least…LOL! It did however keep us occupied and in a creative way, and our appreciation of nature was real. Years later I played this same game with my own children.

Somewhere in the middle of these two points in my life, my husband of thirty years now, was then, studying for his private pilot’s license and as you can imagine cloud formations is a significant part of this curriculum. I learned about cumulus, cirrus and stratus clouds in a much more detailed way along with his so that I could test him on his knowledge to help him study.

After a quick refresher, here is my Clouds 101 lesson for you. Cirrus clouds are the wispy ones. These feathery clouds accumulate very high in the sky, where it is very cold and are comprised of ice crystals. They are often the signal of bad weather. Stratus clouds are the low level blankets of cloud we see in the sky. They appear as a grey, sheet of cloud extending in all directions across the sky. When we see these dark and gloomy cloud formations, we are usually self-proclaimed weather men and are calling for rain. Now I will talk about cumulus clouds, which I absolutely love! These are the fun, fluffy clouds that we look for shapes in and often get lucky. Cumulus clouds are found at a height of about 500 meters. They are made up of tiny water droplets and form when sunshine warms pockets of moist air which forces them to rise higher in the sky, forming the familiar fluffy shapes we love. These clouds are usually seen on nice days with a blue sky background to frame the shapes. That just adds to the beauty.

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